Friday, April 07, 2006

the duke lacrosse team made headlines over here

Duke Lacrosse Team Article in The Independent

after many months of waiting, the parts for my short-range location system came in. i had to order them from the company in the US and send them to my parents' house, and then, have them sent to me here. now, i can test the battery life more accurately now that the transmitter is actually talking to the receiver. before, the battery was just powering the microcontroller. the entire setup is in place and running now.

it seems that i have many parallel projects going on now: the short-range location system is back in action, power consumption data collection is in full swing, understanding and identifying pc usage, and collecting location data of users in pc zones. there are a few other areas that i am exploring at the moment, but it is too early to begin focusing on those areas, as there is A LOT for me to do before those projects will begin to make sense. it seems that i finally am getting to a point where my research/work seems meaningful in a phd sense. i am gonna keep my fingers crossed with hopes that things continue on and progress for the better.


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