Tuesday, April 11, 2006

just keep fighting

after a miserable day yesterday, i had to find some way of motivating myself to come in today with a positive attitude. it was simple. i know that i am not a quitter nor will i ever let something whip me without a fight. so, i got up - got showered - ate breakfast - and came to work with every intention of having a good day, AND IT WORKED!!!

it is funny how people know exactly what you need. i had the best meeting ever with my supervisor. he shared some advice and thoughts to ease my spirits. one of my colleagues shared invaluable insight into this whole phd thing that comforted me beyond imagination. and, another colleague spent practically the whole afternoon helping me get some tests setup. thanks to all of you.

i sat in on a very motivational talk by Andy Stanford-Clark of IBM's Hursley Research Lab. he presented some information that could be extremely useful to me. and to think, i almost chose not to go to the talk.

i still feel a bit scatter-brained at the moment with so much going on in parallel. i still need to sit down and think of what my plan of action will be. i know what i need to do (or what would be good to do). i just need to sit down and think of the best way to do it and how to go about getting the results that would benefit my research the most.


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