Monday, September 22, 2008

ish is real and the truth always surfaces

seeing that i am not an expert (nor do i claim to be one) in the financial markets, i will not attempt to argue/present any in-depth analysis or solutions for the current state of the credit crunch in the us and around the world. all i will say is that things are really bad, the economy is embarrassing, and it just feels like the majority of the american people are just shit outta luck. the majority of americans had faith in their government and even when the government had its turns to play in this economic game...what does bush do....he plays in favor of the individuals who are not remotely affected by the current state of affairs.

anyway, here are some other interesting articles:

1. what do you do when your credit has no more value.....sell your high-valued compute infrastructure
2. gigo - garbage in, garbage matter how good an algorithm is, you have to feed it reasonable inputs to get reasonable output (nytimes article; free registration may be required)
3. sen. obama stop the technology strategy backpedaling please - slashdot article | actual obama page comparison


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