Tuesday, August 12, 2008

living a mis'd existence...

sadly, this is the world we live in, and, no matter if it is known and ignored or if we are totally oblivious, it's frightening, upsetting, confusing, and, most importantly, disgusting. so, what exactly is this mis'd existence of which I speak...

MISeducation, MISinformation, MISunderstanding, MISleading interactions and communication, and most importantly, MISsed importance. These were just the few I could think of now, but I am sure that I am missing some other really good ones.

the old adage of 'ignorance is bliss' is accurate in describing the state of mind (or peace of mind) when you are not aware of something, BUT......and I do mean BUT, this does eliminate the responsibility that we all share to search out the truth and be ignorant no more!!! this is not easy can seem impossible when you 'just don't know.'

the challenge in coming to this place of understanding is figuring out how to most effectively share your knowledge with others AND be able to ACCEPT that fact that some people just don't give a sh*t and want to continue living in whatever situation they are in. we've got to keep fighting and trying to reach those individuals that no longer want to drink this poison and may not know what they are consuming.

sorry to rush this. i would like to come back to this and address it in more depth and with more attention. hopefully, the links below will be interesting enough to earn your forgiveness for a premature ending to this thought.

1. privacy is a serious matter that so many people do not understand, especially the people making the laws about privacy (nytimes article, free registration may be required)
2. and you thought i was lying when i said the power is running out....why do you think i am focused on power consumption for my thesis? (nytimes article, free registration may be required)
3. the "sour grapes" complex......also known in the younger generations as HATERS!!! (nytimes article, free registration may be required)
4. invisible harry potter cloak is on the way!!!
5. wow...another privacy article.....this time concerning the iphone (make sure to read the comments)


Blogger plez... said...

re: article on solar power
why is solar power so much more expensive than coal (according to the NY Times article, it is 5 or 6 times the cost per kilowatt-hour of coal)? as a renewable power source, i would think the price (spread out over a number of years) would make it appreciably cheaper than coal. are the costs of solar panels, installation, conversion, and maintenance that great? what gives?

11:46 PM  
Blogger AH said...

as far as i know, the technology involved with maximizing efficiency and conversion is still very infant compared to more traditional power generation (i.e. coal, water, etc.). i would put my money on that being the reason, but i really don't know. I am sure the cost of the infrastructure installation, and maintenance amortized over just a few years would easily beat traditional methods. however, i feel maintenance has the potential to be an extremely man and time intensive part of solar power that probably adds a "thornful" reoccurring cost for solar panels.

3:26 PM  

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