Saturday, August 09, 2008

still searching for some meaningful content

the past week, i have really been mulling a lot of thoughts in search of interesting and meaningful content for my blog. as you can see.....i have not been that successful. please don't hold that against me. i am trying. in the meantime, here are some more interesting web articles.

1. fbi seizes computers without warrant from a PUBLIC library (be sure to read the comments.....they are VERY thought-provoking)
2. microsoft's advertising move
3. why can't i create a hotmail account with 'tibet' in the username? (nytimes, free registration required)


Blogger Dr. Anderson said...

DaJuane Anderson has sent you a link to a blog:

Blog: Dr. DaJuane Lateef's Educational Perspective
Post: The inconspicuous responsiveness of educational alternatives, options, and reform for students of color and the catastrophic affects

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