Wednesday, April 26, 2006

trying to get back on track

after a day off, i still feel "displaced" here in cambridge, but once again my research has saved the day. things turned up today as i (along with the infinite wisdom and help from awesome colleagues) was able to make some progress toward setting up some more tests. i made good progress, and, at the same time, i made a lot more work for myself. i still feel as if i have a million things going on all at once. to a certain extent, this is the case, as i am working on a couple projects in parallel. there is still a GOOD bit of reading for me to do, and i am still learning linux. i am trying to find time to devote to preparing for my summer in berkeley, but i have not had the time to set aside to do anything..........that's a big lie. i have had time. i just have chosen to do other things. i'll start cracking the whip more once some of these other projects are up and running.

p.s. - thanks to all my friends that reached out to provide words of encouragement after my post monday.


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