Monday, April 24, 2006

there's no place like home

i have a lot to say.....i know i do. i can feel it. i just can't express it in words right now. it is weighing on me heavily. whatever it is, it is sitting in the back of my brain just waiting to be let go. last night and during the day today, i thought that i knew what words would embody this feeling, but as soon as i began to speak, i lost any knowledge of what in the world to say that would accurately describe how i felt. everything seems EXTREMELY bland right now, and i can't wait to go home. i am just at a point right now where i am confused, nothing nor ANYBODY here makes me happy (other than sad is that), and life is just a strain. i have 2+ years here, so i am going to have to do something. i am definitely open to feasible suggestions. i think i finally know why i am sleeping so much. subconciously, i know that my dreams and my thoughts are the only things that can make me happy in my current situation, so i am trying to hold onto those as much as possible. only if i could be doing work while i was asleep. maybe in the near future i can truly express how i feel right now. until then, i just have to be strong.


Blogger plez... said...

As you know, I travel alot and I am usually only home with my family 2 days a week. It may be a bit more expensive for you to do this, but I find a simple phone call to home usually lifts my spirits (listening to Corrine blather on about her crazy co-workers or having Corrina read to me the latest book that she brought home). Just the sound of their voices (if not for more than 5 minutes) brings me calm and sanity.

You have hundreds of friends on the other side of The Pond who want nothing more than for you to prosper in Cambridge. You can call any of us at anytime. Call your parents. Call your brother. Call your line brothers. Call the Nupes, believe me, they'd love to hear from you. Call me ... I may not have much to talk about, but it would at least help to lift that veil of dispair that I sense in your entry.

Reach out and touch!

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