Thursday, April 20, 2006

thinkers' (as opposed to writers') block

the last two days have been really dry as far as thoughts and ideas go. i have been making positive strides still, but the flurry of possibilities has slowed to a crawl...........and that's an overstatement. right now, my mind seems to be slow as "pond water" as one of my junior high coaches used to say. i meet with a couple of guys in my lab tomorrow and maybe i can get some inspiration from our conversation. i think i have some interesting data (in it's preliminary stages) to present, but we'll see. i am still shooting for having a paper, at least in rough draft form, by the end of june. i feel that it is time to start shifting gears and moving into the next stages of my research. however, i still have much more "preliminary" work to do/data to collect before i can move forward with a strong sense of where to go from here. this is just my impatience kicking in again. slow down young grasshopper. there is plenty of time left on this phd train.


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