Tuesday, April 18, 2006


i have a good bit of things going on at the moment. all of which is very instrumental to research topic. i feel like i am beginning to make progress and transforming into a productive student. if i continue on this track and my data turns out in a beneficial manner, i should be able to submit a paper by the end of june. this would be perfect time as i will be preparing to head to berkeley for the summer and turning in my first year report/phd outline. this paper would be a REALLY big step for me personally, seeing how most first-years do not get any publications (some not even until mid-second year). this paper would also help me solidify my phd research topic and give me some direction on how to proceed. there is still MUCH data to be collected and work to be done before i get there though. BUT, finally, i have something tangible to strive for and motivate me. bring it on!!!


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