Tuesday, January 26, 2010

black clergy: where are you?

my dad and i just had a great conversation over lunch, and he pointed me to this great article he saw in the paper yesterday. my comment was about the responsibility we as black people have to make sure we are holding ourselves accountable for our communities. and what has been the cornerstone of the black community since slavery---the black church.

great 2 minute read. it will spark a lot of thought, and i hope it sparks even more action and awareness. enjoy.


Friday, January 15, 2010

relaxing these last few weeks

it's been an awesome feeling being able to forget about graduate school and my dissertation for the last few weeks. i still have some more relaxing to do before i must pick up my dissertation and publications and references to prepare for my viva. it's funny because i had a mini-nightmare last night about not knowing anything in my dissertation. then....i came to my senses and realized that when i was writing my dissertation, i knew so much more than i gave myself credit for. in addition to that, when i was preparing for and during the interview process, i had such a strong sense of confidence in my work and my knowledge that i have nothing to worry about. i'll gladly take a couple more weeks of relaxing, but when the time comes to start preparing for my viva, it will be greeted with confidence and positive thoughts.

Monday, January 11, 2010

rethinking happiness

this video is 2 hours long, but i promise you that it will be well worth every second of your time. please watch and enjoy.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

happy founders day to the brother of kappa alpha psi fraternity, inc

how could i have left this off my previous post.

YO YO!!!

twitter is a beast

been puttin in a lot of work on my twitter page (@equbed). it's really interesting to see how social media is revolutionizing the way we consume information. i read one person describe this new wave of targeted and subscribed information being 100% available to us anywhere as 'hyper-connectivity.'

what i am finding is that the abyss that is the world (by way of the internet) can be very intimidating and carving out your niche such that your voice is heard is very challenging. in addition to all of this, i am finding it difficult to maximize my participation while at the same time minimizing the time spent generating my contribution. i think this is the key.

twitter users and those deeply immersed in social media: thoughts???

Sunday, January 03, 2010

happy new year!!!

been really crazy and busy the last few days. who knew relaxing back at home would turn into such great fun. enjoying every bit of it, but there is still much preparation as i transition to the next steps.