Friday, January 15, 2010

relaxing these last few weeks

it's been an awesome feeling being able to forget about graduate school and my dissertation for the last few weeks. i still have some more relaxing to do before i must pick up my dissertation and publications and references to prepare for my viva. it's funny because i had a mini-nightmare last night about not knowing anything in my dissertation. then....i came to my senses and realized that when i was writing my dissertation, i knew so much more than i gave myself credit for. in addition to that, when i was preparing for and during the interview process, i had such a strong sense of confidence in my work and my knowledge that i have nothing to worry about. i'll gladly take a couple more weeks of relaxing, but when the time comes to start preparing for my viva, it will be greeted with confidence and positive thoughts.


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Blogger Minority.Scientist said...

I will be going through the dissertation writing process soon myself. I wish you much luck with your defense and interviews! I am eager to learn more about your experiences with the interviewing process.. are you planning a post about this?
Minority Scientist

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