Wednesday, December 09, 2009

the grind don't stop

we work non-stop in order to achieve the goals before us. nobody but you can tell if you are working too hard. i think people say things like "don't work too hard" without realizing that hard work is what life takes. i don't see the basis for statements like these from individuals that have no idea of what your goals are. how do others know how hard you need to work when they have no idea what you are trying to accomplish? even so, how can people that have not accomplished what you are trying to achieve give you advice on how to do it? as jay-z says on already home on his blueprint 3 album "everybody wanna tell you how to do it, they never did it." is this just another unconscious word vomit....i think so. even worse, perhaps this may stem from a deep-seated 'sour grapes' or 'crabs-in-a-bucket' mentality that does not want you to succeed more than them, or more than they were willing to work for.

not everybody has your best interests in mind, and it is your responsibility to filter the things that people say. some people don't want to see you succeed---and the scary part is that they might not consciously know that they want you to fail!!!

we don't lose because we have already won!!!


Blogger Elliott said...

very well said. people unfamiliar with your goals should not comment on your grind. furthermore, those who have not achieved the success you desire have no basis to judge your methods. So...the best advice i get is from people who have achieved what I desire and say "you can avoid this pitfall that I encountered, or you can streamline your efforts here". That is mentoring.

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