Tuesday, January 05, 2010

twitter is a beast

been puttin in a lot of work on my twitter page (@equbed). it's really interesting to see how social media is revolutionizing the way we consume information. i read one person describe this new wave of targeted and subscribed information being 100% available to us anywhere as 'hyper-connectivity.'

what i am finding is that the abyss that is the world (by way of the internet) can be very intimidating and carving out your niche such that your voice is heard is very challenging. in addition to all of this, i am finding it difficult to maximize my participation while at the same time minimizing the time spent generating my contribution. i think this is the key.

twitter users and those deeply immersed in social media: thoughts???


Blogger jkh2 said...

glad you wrote an entry about the value of twitter so that I don't have to. I really enjoy following you because I'm know you and am familiar with your contributions to Tech etc. I think that once you garner a healthy following you'll get even more out of twitter. As far as optimization of tweets, try taking advantage of trending topics and #hashtags they tend to be effective in getting your words to people who care about those issues.

3:39 PM  
Blogger AH said...

preciate your comments James, and thanks for reading the blog. i will def incorporate more hashtags into my tweets!!!

11:57 PM  

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