Monday, March 09, 2009

one last surge

i got some unexpected motivation to blog and push to finish my phd from a great friend this past weekend. she simply pointed out that i have been blogging strong for the past 3 years, and now is definitely no time to fall off. i know things haven't been the best for me the past few months, but that is all the more story to put into this project that literally started out of need for an outlet when the beginning of my phd was slow and uncertain. once all this phd nonsense is said and done, this blog will be an interesting read for me and hopefully, it may provide the encouragement to help other students starting their phd to persevere. the road does get tough, but it's always reassuring to know that triumph is possible.

that said, i will begin one last surge for the next couple months in order to finish my phd in 2009. i am in a good position to do so. i just need to make sure i keep a consistent discipline about me and a strong work ethic. i have found myself in the last few weeks to be too easily demotivated. one last surge is all it takes. let's get it!!!


Blogger Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Someone once told me once that the only way I would pass the bar exam was by establishing a consistent work schedule and sticking to it assidously over a period of time.

He said that whereas in the past I had relied on lightning bolts of inspiratoin and creativity over a short period of time (two or three days to a week or two), I would in this instance have to adopt a relatively boring pattern of consistent and sustained labor over all of the time I had available to me.

Having no other choice, I took his advice, labored 12 hours a day for months, and succeeded.

Having watched my mother labor through her Ph.D., I know that you have to discuss the project with your advisors and committee, find out precisely what they want from you, and then give it to them as quickly and submissively as possible, because satisfying them in the months you have set for yourself as a deadline is the only way to finish your doctorate in the months you have set for yourself as a deadline.

A Ph.D. is supposed to be unique, but ultimately what they all have in common is that the only way to finish is to finish pleasing and satisfying the people who have the final say.

Stipulate what "finishing" means, and how it can be accomplished in the alotted time, and then do precisely what has been stipulated to, as efficiently and obediently as possible, because time spent resisting the requirements and suggestions of those who have the final say is wasted time. Time spent doing precisely what has been required is time well spent. That's the process I remember witnessing.

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