Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i know i am late but...happy new year

i am back in the uk after an awesome visit back home for the holidays. it's impossible to put into words how good it felt to be home---free of stress and all anxiety. it was much needed and very relaxing. the weather was amazing too. 70s in december....gotta love it. the only down side was the 2 weeks of not working out like i should have and eating any and everything in sight.

now that i am back at school, i am struggling to refocus and really buckle down in order to complete my phd in the next 8-12 months. it's very doable, but it will not be easy.

it's imperative that i find some happiness here at school in order to keep the positive energy and dedication needed to put in the intense amount of work and focus. at present, i am really missing my friends, and i have come to realize that as much as i thought i was coping with feeling so lonely pretty well, i was merely overlooking that i was slightly depressed. i have to take care of this before i can do anything else. and the key is finding happiness (either work, peace and quiet, meditation time, etc.).


Blogger Lim Mooktzeng @ Lin Musen said...

I'm doing my PhD in Uni. Of Canterbury. Just started my 7th month. You should be glad that you are at the end of your journey.

As a 'fellow traveler on the road', I wish you well for your final months in your work :)

11:55 PM  

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