Wednesday, November 12, 2008

glow in the dark

i was fortunate enough to be in attendance last night at the kanye west concert in london's o2 arena for ye's london stop on the glow in the dark tour. i am not sure what passion, pain, and intensity look like, but i think i saw them last night in kanye's face and in his performance in general. he put on a great show, and he definitely gave it his all. he's an incredible person and no doubt and inspiration to me. the work ethic that radiates from this man is infectious for me. i am amazed at his creative vision and his artistic ability to create and produce tangible representations of the never ending sea of ideas/concepts in his head. i envy all those artisticly inclined that posses this skill and blessing. i guess it goes back to the whole left-brain/right-brain wiring.

failure was never an option for him, and the grind that made him who he is today is still alive and well in the midst of what we see as success (i am sure he still does not see it as success). he's a real dude, and i definitely identify with him. i think we share a lot in our outlook, work ethic, and personality.

now, all i need to do is find a way to get 'can't tell me nothing' to play in my alarm clock. if that song doesn't get you going, i am not sure you are mobile.


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