Friday, March 06, 2009

how the weeks go by

things with my research have taken a turn for the better, and i am pleased to be progressing again. i was describing my latest slowdown to some colleagues yesterday at lunch, saying that things had been slow for a couple weeks. one of my colleague's responses was "better than things being slow for months" (talking about his own struggles). we laughed at the time, but i was thinking about the comment on the way to work this morning. and my thought was this, a few weeks is a month. and, realistically, i had been stuck for a month or so. i guess i subconsciously chose to see the time in terms of weeks as opposed to months. i guess similarly the way requesting a meeting in terms of minutes as opposed to hours helps to make the time seem shorter.

the next thought i had was just how fast time can fly by when you get into a funk or simply stop paying attention. that thought inspired me to refocus and charge myself to make sure that i make the most of every second of ever day in order to get the most out of life, not just school!!!


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