Tuesday, March 17, 2009

be careful not to overlook your blessing(s)

i was replaying the last 5 years of my life yesterday, and i found myself feeling a sense of disbelief almost. the awards and accolades that came along during my senior year of college, winning such a prestigious scholarship, living abroad in cambridge for the last 3 and a half years, and being on the cusp of earning the highest degree offered. cambridge is a beautiful place, and i clearly see how so many people love this place and how so many great minds were fostered in this environment. the rainy days and intense fog help to hide the beauty, but sunny days like yesterday and today allow the town's true beauty to shine through. blessings come in all shapes and sizes......and agendas. having a rough experience that forces you to change the way you SEE things is just as much a blessing as getting that job you wanted. too often, we think like is like burger king where we get what we want OUR way. sometimes you just may have to take the tomatoes off the old fashioned way!!! (no complicated orders pls....lol)

there are many days that i may be upset that _this_ is not home or that i cannot go get a popcorn shrimp basket from popeye's, but those few days where i sit back and really internalize how great a place cambridge is intellectually and culturally and naturally EASILY outweigh watching espn as i get dressed in the morning.


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