Thursday, March 12, 2009

20% days

just like google, i have begun taking 20% days here and there in efforts to spark more creativity and innovation. for those that are unaware, 20% days at google is the initiative google has implemented to allow employees to spend 20% of their work time (effectively, 1 work day out of a 5-day work week) working on new ideas and projects that interest them. the effectiveness and successfulness of this strategy speaks for itself---services that we use everyday, gmail, google news, adsense, etc. were born from 20% projects.

we shall see how these work out for me. when you allow people to work on something they are passionate about, they will practically work for free!!!

p.s. - here's a new website a friend put me onto yesterday,, that makes syncing files across multiple computers and between friends EFFORTLESS.


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