Tuesday, August 07, 2007

been a while

i must apologize as i have seemed to fall off of the side of the earth for about a month now. i will not make any excuses, but things have been very busy, to say the least. my internship is going great. i LOVE the work that i am a part of and am learning a great deal to apply to my own work/degree. the team that i am working with is awesome, and everyone is more than willing to help and share insight. the days have been FULL of work and meetings. i have been pressed to get my own summer project up and running, but some minor bugs and hang-ups have prevented me from being where i imagined myself 1 month into the job. things are coming around though. i am not worried. there is just so much going on that i find it hard to step back and take time to really gather my thoughts to blog anything. i am hoping to be more relaxed once i can finalize the automation process for my experiments and begin analyzing data and committing ideas to paper. i will do my best to do a better job of capturing my thoughts here.

the one overwhelming thought that i have had since being back in the us is really realizing that I LOVE MY JOB and MY RESEARCH AREA!!! getting up at 6 am is not even a chore because of the eager feeling i have to tackle the worlds problems in my field.


Blogger D. Suthern Transplant said...

sup bruh..when you comin back to The City?

3:23 AM  
Blogger Francis L. Holland Blog said...

We've been talking about doing a study of the Black bloggers of the AfroSpear. Maybe it's something to which you could lend some research expertise?

Francis L. Holland

5:13 AM  

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