Tuesday, July 03, 2007

good confusion

so i started my internship officially yesterday morning. things have been hectic the last week since getting back to the us, but i am extremely happy to be home for a while. internet access has been sparse as well (sorry for the lack of posts)!!! i am really excited about my internship and the work, contacts, and knowledge i will be exposed to during the next few months. the goal is to try and maximize my accomplishments and the knowledge i can use to propel my own research back in cambridge. i feel confident that the progress i envision will come come to fruition.

when deciding to start working this week, i failed to consider the fact that people may take off this week for the 4th of july. as you can imagine, no one is here. that has hindered my orientation somewhat, but i have been able to tackle the small administrative tasks associated with a new job. i am hoping to finish the more technical orientations and introductions beginning next week. of course, tomorrow is a holiday, and i can get more up-to-speed with the test environments and test scripts come thursday. i am still searching for a routine so i can really get comfortable. for now, i will just keep floundering and get things done as they come to mind.


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