Monday, June 25, 2007

another year down

i can remember as a kid being excited about only 3 days during the school year---the first, the last, and of course, field day! now, it's a little different. you actually realize how fast time flies. when i sit and think about having completed 2 years towards my phd, it brings excitement but also question, doubt, and intimidation. let me explain....

i am excited to have progressed this far (and of course to be going home for the summer....phew!!!) . this degree WILL BE a major accomplishment that most only dream about. to add to that, it's cambridge (PERIOD)!!! what else do i need to say. being in europe has been an awesome experience up to this point too, and it is only going to get better as my travel itch has intensified after getting back from egypt.

the question, doubt, and intimidation all come in due to the enormous expectation i place on myself to succeed, and not take forever to do it. from this point of view, i see myself as 2/3 of the way through my degree with another 2/3 left to go probably. now add those up.............4/3. EXACTLY my point! i need to work faster and smarter while continuing to maintain the highest of standards for my work.

i have made some very satisfying and crucial progress this year, and i am very excited and pleased about where i am. but, the truth that continues to hit me is that i still have a LONG way to go before i finish. next year will be a HUGE year for me as it will help solidify how much longer it will take me to finish my degree. let's see where i am this time next year. *fingers crossed*

p.s. - and you thought i was lying when i said i wanted to change the world. there's definitely and opportunity here. A BIG ONE!!!


Blogger Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Congratulations on the progress of your work. It's outstanding statistically to get a doctorate at all, but to one at Cambridge is really stellar.

I'm glad you'll be getting to go home over the summer.

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