Friday, June 01, 2007

"reality" television

i had a random thought the other day about peoples' love for "reality" television. reality is the resemblance to what is real. i say "reality" because the realness of the shows does not accurately reflect how un-real people are in life. and at times, i am sure the "realness" that is portrayed in the shows is scripted. consider the following: people never tell you how they truly feel, most conversations are very far from genuine, individual accounts of happenings are often over-embellished, etc. i do not totally understand why people are afraid/ashamed/unwilling to do or say what they really want to (the truth), but i do realize that it exists.

this brings me to the conversation of one's "corporate persona" versus his "real persona". is this un-real representation of oneself any different even though it is a must? or, is it a justified un-real response to un-real "equal"-opportunity? just some food for thought because you may have been malnourished. i would continue but it is friday, and i'm leaving early.

this could be big trouble for me here in the uk


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