Monday, January 29, 2007

where has it all gone?

the mounds of confidence that i had just days ago has left me. for someone that has things planned out fairly well, i cannot understand why morale has escaped me. although the road is long and daunting, i am fairly certain of my course over the next couple of years. once again, the amount of work to be done is overshadowing the present tasks at hand. the good ideas and work i have accomplished up to this point is totally forgotten. all i can seem to focus on is what i have not done and where i haven't gotten and the phd i don't have. i really need to sit down and plan out some short-term deliverables to maintain my sanity right now. i wanted this week to be a very productive week since i am going home for a week on sunday, but it seems i may need to focus more on outlining my plan of action (in great detail) for when i return. the impatience bug is back, and rome has to be built in a day. anything longer than 24 hours is unacceptable.


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