Thursday, January 11, 2007

officially registered for my phd

after a 15 months and a successful first-year interview in october, i finally got my paperwork stating that i was officially registered for the phd degree by the university and approved for my research topic by the board of graduate studies. i knew it was coming, but it was one of those moments when you read the official notice, you feel good about what you have accomplished so far.

i started the day still on my high from yesterday and continued to make good progress. i am really excited at the moment about my work and morale is extremely high (as if you couldn't tell). there is still much to accomplish before i can even begin thinking about submitting a paper, but i am shooting for a deadline in the middle of march. that would be an awesome birthday present to myself. if i can keep making strides at the pace i am at now, it should be no problem. i'm full speed ahead.


Blogger plez... said...

So when will officially be able to speak to Dr. Hylick?!? *smile*


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