Thursday, November 30, 2006

man hours required

i am almost to the point where i can begin running some tests and doing the really useful work regarding my research and action plan. i had envisioned being in this position about 3-4 weeks ago, but i intend to make the most of the resources and limited time i have left before the holidays. i think there is a lot to be gained in this short period of time, but there will be many man hours required to get there. i am really motivated at this point, and i hope that i can keep this momentum until i leave. if possible, i have no doubts that i can leave over the break feeling good about (1) the amount of work i got done and (2) the progress with my research goals and ideas i have made.

thanks to all my friends and family that have continued to be encouraging during the past few discouraging weeks. the tides have turned, and i plan to take full advantage.


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