Friday, December 01, 2006

already december

the time has definitely passed quickly since i made it back to cambridge. probably the main reason being i had a lot of work to get done in this "short" amount of time. the late starts adds a bit of pressure, but i remain optimistic as things have come along/together really well the last few days. i am pleased. let's hope the progress continues into next week. i am hoping to finish at a point where i can leave experiments and tests running (collecting and saving the output of course) when i go home for the break. this would prevent me from having to waste time here while i waiting on the experiments to finish. the next step would obviously going through and analyzing the output.

*sidebar* it always amazes me how confusing times can be when you think you have a pretty firm idea of what's going on and what to do next. the curves balls never stop coming. i guess that would make life too easy and mundane. the uncertainty is what keeps us on our toes i guess. how then can we be so sure of the decisions we make or actions we take at times? we are taught to act in ways that are isolated from so much uncertainty, but this is not true. what modifications need to be made if any? what can be done? (just some ideas i have to answer regarding my research, but they apply to life as well)


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