Monday, January 22, 2007

regaining my confidence

i had a bit of a shake to my confidence after a meeting with my supervisor this morning. i should be used to our conversations by now, but they still seem to get to me as far as not being as confident in what i have in my head versus what comes out verbally. maybe it is because i need to practice describing my research more. i don't know. anyway, the tendency after these meetings is to focus too much on the big picture and becoming overwhelmed as opposed to using the high-level description to guide my present work. meeting with my supervisor is always a weird situation because he throws out so many ideas and it all can seem a bit scatter-brained and lacking focus. but, i need to learn to be more confident in my own ideas and work to prevent myself from being pushed around in this sense. hopefully, this will just come with a bit more time and reaching more goals with my research. it took me a while to get back on my feet today, and i wound up wasting a good portion of the afternoon because of this. these next few weeks are very critical for me, and apart from doing the work, i need to find out what work there is to get done to meet my goals best.


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