Tuesday, January 16, 2007

and the experiments begin (...............almost)

i almost have all of the hardware i need for my system measurements, but i am going to go ahead and begin working with what i have. the calibration process is a bit more tedious than i anticipated/would like, however, there has to be a means of verifying the data i collect. it's just one of those necessary evils you have to face. morale is still high, although, i am facing a great deal of work. however..........the results can be very promising. the crucial part now is designing my tests and testing environment to yield the best (and most interesting) results. a few more man hours are needed to make sure the readings are being interpreted correctly. the test scripts i have now are pretty complete. i just need to spend a bit more time with them to ensure completeness, and then, i am off to the races.


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