Tuesday, September 05, 2006


after an awesome weekend, i had to re-focus and get back to work today. however.............there was this HUGE feeling of doubt and uncertainty to overcome before i could begin working. i was able to put this past me, but it kept emerging in my mind. the cause of this feeling........................i was around many old friends during the weekend, and they are working (on their way to financial independence) and beginning their family lives. and me..............what am i doing? i am a STUDENT.......working on my phd............all alone. i can deal with the student thing and being broke, but i am REALLY tired of being alone and without the people that care the most about me. especially, being without the one i care most about.


Blogger Jason said...

Hey, I know the feeling of being a student while your friends grow up. I just finished my Master's in Theology after 4 years, and only now am I able to begin doing what I love!
I hope you do well in school. Don't forget - it's all worth it! You will be light years ahead of them.

1:41 AM  
Blogger D. Suthern Transplant said...

Brother Hylick,

Let me assure you that many people are out there pursuing financial independence, but you will have time.

Myself, I am in the opposite camp. I look at the many friends of mine in graduate school and I feel like I'm "missing the bus" sometimes. I have an urge to return to school--I wanted to get my PhD until I found out that I don't have a passion for research--I just like teaching.

I do need at least a Master's degree and so I will pursue it--whether it be a MS in Industrial Engineering or an MBA, I see the need for more education to stay competitive moving forward.

Rest assured, when you exit your program, you'll still be in your 20s and you can still succeed financially. And if your friends are your friends, they'll still be there and you will be just as successful as they are.

Keep up the good fight. You'll be a "Dr." before you know it.

4:16 AM  
Blogger hnn said...

hi. rest assure that you're not the only person feeling this way. i am also a phd and i find myself emotionally and mentally drained from all the nonstop work that i've done for the past 2.5 years. i cannot give you much support or suggestions since i am dealing with the same problem. but perhaps knowing that you're not alone should be a little more comforting?

6:33 AM  
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Blogger TomKorn said...

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