Friday, August 18, 2006

always something to learn

throughout my little experience as a phd student so far, i have learned that there is always opportunity to learn something new. whether it be in my particular field of interest, whether it be about life, whether it be about being a phd student, or whether it be about people, i have been overwhelmed at the NUMEROUS moments where i find myself learning a great deal when i was not expecting it.

i still find myself amazed at others who are well established in their research (professors and older students), and i often find myself in awe and envious of their expertise. i frequently wonder how seasoned i will be as a researcher in the coming years. how will i progress? how much will i know? will people look up to me as i look up to others? how significant will my contributions be?

what started out as a pretty crappy week has definitely turned out for the better. NOW, i can actually enjoy my weekend.


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