Wednesday, August 09, 2006

finally met Dave Patterson

after much anticipation, i finally had a chance to meet Dave Patterson and talk with him for about 45 min. it was awesome. he is an awesome guy. and, he finally gave me the feedback that i have been yearning for since i got here to berkeley. he gave me some excellent feedback....good and bad..... and provided some sound advice/suggestions. the meeting was well worth the wait, and i look forward to many more meetings with him during my stay and in the future.

after a great start to my day, i reached a lull in the afternoon as i asked someone to look at something for me. this simple "it's working right" or "it's working wrong" answer that i ASKED for turned into a conversation to show me how much he knew and all these suggestions about things WAY down the line. to top it all off, i DID NOT get my question answered, and i will have to ask again tomorrow.


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