Monday, August 14, 2006

"commitment cannot be compromised by rewards" - Michael Jordan

new week, new motivation, new desires............

after an eventful weekend of praise and interesting conversation, i woke up this morning with the determination not to let my short-term successes deter my long-term visions and goals. the longer i am here in california, i am more and more thankful that i came and had this experience. i have met some of the most interesting and intelligent people that i have met in my life. NONE of which are my co-workers here at uc berkeley. i am definitely surrounded my brilliant individuals at work, but the people i have met outside of work have made an impression on my thought process, my personality, and my growth that i am forever grateful for.

i feel an intense sense of pressure to succeed coming on. an extreme fear of being the one that failed. this is great for motivation, but the stress and anxiety that accompanies these feelings can be more than a load to bear at times. it never fails that whenever i think i am figuring this whole "life" thing out and feeling a comfortable sense of maturity, i "see" how much i still have to learn and how much more i have to grow as an individual to be the person that i want to be...............that person that will turn the world upside down for the better.

my work is coming along fine. i overcame some VERY irritating confusion with my program today. (remember last week, i was extremely confused and stuck). however, i ended the day staring at a brick wall AGAIN. maybe tomorrow will be productive as i have given up on solving the problem today.

p.s. - get ready to forget everything you learned about the solar system


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