Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the world we live in, and the people we live with

i normally wait til the end of the day to post, but as I was reading some news articles this morning, i could not help but be overwhelmed by emotions (anger, despair, sadness.....you name it).

Spike Lee has put together an in depth documentary detailing the events after hurricane katrina last year. the first two acts of a four act series aired monday night on hbo, and the rest will air this evening. the program is described here.

i read the comments about monday's program here. i cannot begin to describe how confused and angry i became at some of the comments. i am truly baffled that there are individuals that cannot seem to fathom being so poor that you cannot just up and leave a place (whether it be financial, no family, no transportation....whatever). i thought that katrina would be a wake up call in exposing the EXTREME poverty and low-level of living conditions in OUR OWN COUNTRY..............in america...............supposedly the richest country on earth. RICH IN WHAT???? is money the ONLY thing that matters? is RACISM not that important an issue to deal with? is CLASSISM not that an important issue to deal with? WHY can the american public not see this? this was the only news on television for WEEKS. on several occasions, newscasters BROKE OUT IN TEARS in seeing the devastation and UNNECESSARY death first-hand. the government even had the nerve to say that "they did not know"....................ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS TURN ON CNN. *expletive term*!!!!!, THEY KNEW.

there is a certain level of responsibility that each individual should be held accountable for, but in a land where the government has promised to take care of the individuals that cannot/choose not to take care of themselves, their responsibility is STILL expected. the country has the resources, the means, and the personnel to make this happen. maybe things were just TOO BLACK for people to see the problems.


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