Saturday, July 11, 2009

ummmmm...........randomness i had to share can't be mad at obama for taking a detailed look (if that is what he was doing) at a nice-looking chick with a nice-looking....(insert politically correct compliment for a women's rear). however, french president nicolas sarkozy has got to be more DISCRETE about his though. at least you can't confirm undeniably that president obama was looking at her a$$.

second.......i always knew that sigmas were EXTRA wack. this just confirms it (honorary members......who does that!?!?!?!?!). wanting to be a sigma is like striving to be next to last. i say 'next to' because everybody knows that the mythical members of the mythical frat iota phi theta are last. at least with the nupes and the queues there is room for debate, although everyone knows that kappa alpha psi fraternity, incorporated is the greatest frat on the planet!!!

p.s. - when will people learn that once you create a platform online, LEAVE IT ALONE and let the USERS CONTROL IT. the days of forcing people to do things the way you want them to do it are OVER (read jeff jarvis' 'what would google do' if this topic is of interest). [nytimes article, free registration may be required]


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