Tuesday, July 07, 2009

getting while the getting is GREAT

i'm not sure if it is just me, but i seem to operate at a much higher level of focus, intensity, efficiency, and (subsequently) productivity when i am stressed, have deadlines, and/or am under pressure. however, sometimes i tend not to embrace hectic times by not seeing the complete picture of the circumstance (e.g. - the positive state of operation i experience when going through these times).

is this just another example of human tendency not to want to 'suffer' temporarily for much long-term gain? is this another example of saying you want one thing but not really meaning it? or is this simply not truly understanding what it takes to accomplish goals and achieve dreams?

i am sure there are multiple combinations of answers for this, and i am also sure that the answers vary depending on the person. however, one thing that i know for myself (that i owe to this phd journey) is that i would much rather the stress of having too much work to do rather than the self-imposed stress of wanting to have work to do but not being able to come up with anything worthwhile. the latter can damn near drive you insane at times.


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