Tuesday, May 26, 2009

first citation of my work found!!!

in a very surprising collection of search results, i found the first citation of my work published back in september 2008. the work referencing my paper was actually just published earlier this month, so the timing is crazy. more importantly, the work that referenced my work turns out to be extremely relevant (and helpful) to the work i am buried in at the moment. and the only reason i stumbled upon this new publication is because i had forced myself to continue to push and work even though i did not fully know how to complete what i was working on (i was basically starting the write up for this current work). doing just a little bit of what you do know is always the way to go. however, it can be discouraging to start knowing that you can only complete 1% right now. well, that 1% you do not have to do later!!! and, you may even come across some information in the doing to help you understand what that other 99% is. this is exactly what happened to me today. 2 positives came from it all: (1) seeing my work referenced and (2) finding a relevant publication to help me with my work. you have to love the journey.


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