Monday, April 27, 2009

never not working!!!

no tv, no sleeping, no idleness. just a constant grind inching toward the goal. it's so funny how success and accomplishment look so easy, but it's just smoke and mirrors. it's hard.....well.....maybe not always hard per se, but it ALWAYS requires EFFORT.....and lots of it. you get out what you put in. for those of you on twitter, i would encourage you to follow some successful people and make it a point to closely monitor the timestamps of their activities. i would put money on it that those successful individuals go to bed after you and rise before you. i bet you! (good look on the assist O)

the great renaissance artist michelangelo said it best:

'if people knew how hard i worked at my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful.'

.......and there you have it. it doesn't get much more clear than that. however, michelangelo, i think that the REAL reason people hold successful people in such high esteem is NOT because we think they are great with such relative ease.....NO........i think deep down inside we really know how hard they busted their tails to be successful and THAT my friend is what we are secretly praising in celebrating these individuals because we feel that we could not live up to that standard of work ethic! knowing how hard you worked makes you that much more wonderful good sir!!!

that feeling that you are feeling inside right now is you telling you, 'hey, we can go a lot harder.' and yes, you can go harder. but here is the kicker that people really don't like: you NEVER know how long you have to go hard for!!! this eliminates 99.9% of the competition right there.

i'll leave you with this...

it's funny how people will work forever, for some damn body else, makin' scraps.....but.....they will not do the same, for themselves, for a whole lot more reward. it's crazy. don't worry, that burnin' sensation means that the medicine is working!!!

go hard, flame on, lock in.........whatever the hell you wanna call it


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Man Who in the heck are you telling!!

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