Tuesday, April 14, 2009

excelling in your current situation always bears fruit

so i was doing some deep thinking over this past Easter weekend, and i began to think about how we can know that our hard work will pay off....you know, how do i know that i am working diligently in the right field/career/etc. and i spoke to a good friend of mine and posed this question. the response i got was that in whatever we are doing, if we continue to work hard and excel, we will always find our way to our destiny. this made a great deal of sense to me because i am a firm believer that there is direction and inspiration that comes from 'doing.' if we happen to be in the wrong career field,something that we are not passionate about but we know and are actively searching for our destiny through thought and research, we will eventually find our way to our passion.


Blogger T Rahman said...

Hey Anthony,

I agree with your posts- Your blog is thought provoking- have added it to by list of daily reads. ( Oh, this is Yani's sister) Hey!!!

2:35 PM  

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