Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the unspoken importance of balance

the other day as i was leaving the office, i somehow started reflected on how balanced my life is. and sadly, i came to the conclusion that things are horribly imbalanced in my life right now. considering life as consisting of work, play/social, and love/companionship, my scale is too heavily weighted towards work. the social and companionship aspects of my life are seriously lacking, but this is more so out of circumstance than by choice or lack of effort.

so, my next thought was exactly how important is balance, and how exactly is my work suffering as a result of this imbalance. needless to say, i really didn't come to a conclusion because it is difficult to quantify something like this when you cannot easily change the circumstances (that is, make my life completely balanced tomorrow for the sake of a scientific experiment for comparison) for a fair comparison.

ummm, yea....that's it.....lol. sorry for the ramble, but i just felt like sharing.


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