Thursday, March 26, 2009

reach down and get more when you feel there is nothing left

this seems to be the case when i am facing barriers with my research. it's tough. not only are the problems challenging, but you find yourself fighting other distractions and competitors for your attention/energy/time. however, whenever i feel discouraged or "tired in the 4th quarter" i have resolved (to myself of course) to remember how much i love challenges and to think about a life in which nothing was difficult. let's hope that works.


Blogger Murali Mohan said...

I was following your blog probably from a month........ well I am a PhD student at MST. I started my PhD in Jan 06 as you planning to graduate this semester..... Its strange that i have same problems and feelings as you do regarding my research.....keep blogging......i am not alone

4:11 AM  

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