Monday, June 01, 2009

hitting a home run

for those of you that have not had the experience of playing baseball, hitting a home run has to be one the greatest immediate feelings of accomplishments. most times, you do not feel any impact of the bat on the ball in your hands because you hit the ball right on the sweet spot of the bat.

i say all that to begin describing how my talk went today to my group members here in the lab. it was awesome. totally relaxed. not nervous. very confident. a perfect combination. guaranteed for success. i was able to recall all of my talking points on my slides. talk transition and progression was seamless. referencing previous slides worked as expected. the entire audience followed without confusion. the talk was probably 30-35 minutes in length, but there was another 10-15 minutes of questions letting me know i had everyone engaged.

i guess this means i know what i am talking about because i really did not prepare for the talk save selecting and creating slides for it!!!


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