Thursday, November 20, 2008

you've got to be interesting and memorable

just a random thought for today. what makes people remember you? what distinguishes you from everyone else? what makes people successful? why are famous people famous? no matter what it is you want to do, being average (or boring for that matter) just won't cut it. you must differentiate you from the millions of others that want the same ends that you do.

there are points in life where you must replace you current measuring stick with a longer one.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

glow in the dark

i was fortunate enough to be in attendance last night at the kanye west concert in london's o2 arena for ye's london stop on the glow in the dark tour. i am not sure what passion, pain, and intensity look like, but i think i saw them last night in kanye's face and in his performance in general. he put on a great show, and he definitely gave it his all. he's an incredible person and no doubt and inspiration to me. the work ethic that radiates from this man is infectious for me. i am amazed at his creative vision and his artistic ability to create and produce tangible representations of the never ending sea of ideas/concepts in his head. i envy all those artisticly inclined that posses this skill and blessing. i guess it goes back to the whole left-brain/right-brain wiring.

failure was never an option for him, and the grind that made him who he is today is still alive and well in the midst of what we see as success (i am sure he still does not see it as success). he's a real dude, and i definitely identify with him. i think we share a lot in our outlook, work ethic, and personality.

now, all i need to do is find a way to get 'can't tell me nothing' to play in my alarm clock. if that song doesn't get you going, i am not sure you are mobile.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


sam cooke put it best: "it's been a long, a long time comin', but i know change gon' come"

barack and michelle, malia and sasha, you did it! what so many people have fought, bled, cried, and died for, you did it! the feelings right now are totally overwhelming and i am utterly speechless. this is an amazing moment, and i can only thank God for this and the feelings associated with it all. the scene at grant park must have been breathtakingly exciting. all of the speeches black parents and teachers have to give black children about 'you can be anything you want', finally has a lot more merit and there is some meat for kids to sink their teeth into. change is here america. i am filled with a warm happiness and excitement and an unexplainable pandemonium, but i would be lying if i did not say that i am surprised all in the same emotion. where it was once a country where it was legal to kill black people (among slavery and a whole lot of other immoral conduct and treatment), WE HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT!!! yes we can, yes we could, and yes we did. obama's celebration speech at grant park in chicago last night was nothing shy of stellar in traditional obama speech fashion. below is a clip along with some powerful quotes i was really feeling from the speech:

@ 13:31 - "...the new don of american leadership is at hand."
@ 17:47 - "...while we breathe we hope..."

here are some breath-taking photos from the event last night

yes we can, progress, hope, and a reaffirmation of the ideals on which america was founded

thanks to everyone that made this possible, and especially to president-elect barack obama

p.s. - the nytimes has a good article about the election (free registration may be required)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

history is in the making and this will be a day to remember as an AMERICAN forever

if you haven't realized it yet people, this day is a very special day on many levels. this day may be the most historic, memorable, proud, important, monumental, world-changing moment of our LIFETIME. let me say that again, OUR LIFETIME. previous generations have multiple events that can be looked at as entries to the historic book for years to come (world wars 1 and 2, great depression, civil rights movement, dr. martin luther king, jr, malcom x, jackie robinson and larry doby, landing a man on the moon, etc.). this may very well be our ONLY moment to witness first hand.

with this in mind, i cannot help but sit and reflect. this proud feeling i have is beyond words. the extra pep in my step right now has my swag at a hunned. i broke out my barack progress t-shirt. i have been documenting things for years to come in order to make sure i can remember exactly where i was and what i was doing on this day. i'm done talkin' politics and am ready for change. today has been filled with so much motivation and energy. i've been more productive than i imagined i would be today. that's just bonus.

i hope everyone from the us reading this went out and voted and participated in this momentous occasion. this is serious, and you will lose friends if they find out you didn't vote. cats is not playin' wit you about this. changing the world for future generations is worth more than freezing the cold in a long ass line. no excuses, just change for the better.

we ridin' wit you barack. lead us!!!

p.s. - and as jeezy says: "it's a hands-off policy. you touch him, we ridin'"!!!

p.p.s - just to show that i did some work today, here is a link (nytimes article, free registration may be required) once again explaining that this energy stuff i am focusing on really is important