Wednesday, June 25, 2008

great thinking by mister brandon jennings

Monday, June 23, 2008

accountability & dependability (i think i have posted with this title before)

what does your word mean? if you say it. otherwise shut the hell up about it. PERIOD. if most people knew how easy it is for me to not mess with you for the simple fact that you are not dependable, they probably wouldn't say anything around me for fear that i would cut them off because they said they were bringing the chewing gum and forgot it. i believe this is the underlying cause for colored people time. there's no accountability. once you start knocking heads off, you either get people on the right track or you simply leave them at the station. it's as simple as being courteous, but people are only concerned with themselves these days and it is getting much worse. people cannot wear the other person's shoe for some reason. how hard is it to think about how you would feel if you were in the other person's situation? and then you wonder why nobody believes you (or even worse) laughs in your face when you say you are "about to do ." because we all know you are full of sh*t and just talking for the sake of talking. doers don't talk, doers DO. people that are not doers TALK, because they don't know or don't want (probably the latter) to do (because doing requires sacrifice...and that is damn near impossible for a large population of individuals).

interesting articles:
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Friday, June 13, 2008

*screaming* wtf is wrong with some of the people in this damn country.....i swear!!!

i did not want to blog in the middle of the work day, but i just had to get these thoughts and this anger down before i exploded. look at this news refers to Sen. Obama's wife as a 'baby mama'. could we call it justice if someone murdered the person at fox news who let that ride and then Obama gets elected president and pardons the murderer?....just food for thought. the reason i say that is because that is THIS MAN'S WIFE!!!....and he cannot come to her defense like he really wants to because he is in the middle of a presidential race. he probably cannot say anything that the media won't take outta context, forgetting that he has just been disrespected on the highest level to ALL of america. it's kinda like in great debaters or crash when white people know you cannot do anything and treat you like sh*t and disrespect you just for the hell of it. it makes me so damn angry. how the hell can you be patriotic when your country sends SO MANY signals expressing how a black man's life ain't worth a damn thing?!?!?! it's bull sh*t.......PERIOD. there is no explanation for this.....NONE.

as i grow older and i realize that most adults are stupid as f*ck and don't know a damn thing. it's kinda sad and scary that growing up, these were the individuals that had the efn nerve to tell me what was wrong or right AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW!!!! how is this possible? i am also just realizing that these morons were morons in high school and they just grew older (i know some morons that i went to high school with that will continue this pipeline...*shaking my head*).

i'm not done yet, i've got more...

"a terrorist fist jab".....who the hell said this. when is the last time you saw (1) a terrorist and (2) more than one terrorists in the same place and (3) terrorists dap each other up. you dumb-ass idiot. i'm so angry right now. why do people feel the urge to speak about sh*t they know nothing about? let Obama and his wife greet each other the way they see fit. who the hell are you to decide what is "appropriate behavior"? if you knew what the STRUGGLE was then you would know that the feelings and emotions expressed in that POUND convey EVERYTHING that NO OTHER WAY OF GREETING can do.

yo, peep the take away from these instances and my post:
this man is about to BE the next PRESIDENT of the usa, and they don't give a f*ck about this black man. so what makes you think yo black ass matters to america? it would be funny as sh*t if heads started rolling (literally) after he takes office. if Obama just got fed up with the racism in this country. that would be some funny ass sh*t.


p.s. - some calm links:

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Monday, June 09, 2008

definitely going to get an iphone now

after a slow weekend, there's nothing like the excitement of steve jobs on stage by himself about to unveil a new apple product to make any tech geek's day. the new iphone is the way forward.....PERIOD. nobody else can compete. as i have said plenty of times before, i just hate that apple signed its service deal with THE WORST network in the

today marked the beginning of the second week on my internship, and i think i am finally getting settled in. today was a pretty slow day, but i am sure things will pick up as the week progresses. i have plenty to do, but the day just lulled by.

some interesting articles i cam across today:

1. is google making us stupid?
2. blogging--it's good for you
3. tourists are safer than residents in new orleans
4. is barack obama black or biracial (it was only a matter of time, who the hell would bring this up?, i guess white america has to pull out all the stops in making sure NO BLACK MAN is every president. people in this country are so BEYOND predictable)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

started my internship

back at ibm research this summer. the first few days have been good but hectic. more to come when things settle down.