Thursday, August 30, 2007

day of blogging for justice - the Jena 6

- adjective
1. the whole of
4. every[one]

all must go

now the definition that is implicit and not in any dictionary.....

X. ONLY white, males (and females) who meet a certain "importance" as measured by
wealth, influence, and image.

"...liberty and justice for all." - us pledge of allegiance

now i guess the pledge of allegiance makes more sense and explains why the Jena 6 are in the situation that they are in. i do not know where to begin in describing how it makes me feel knowing that a horrible situation is occurring to us CITIZENS (oh excuse me....wrong word....if i remember from katrina, the right word is refugees) in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and no national news station has covered this. it's better to cover mike vick and his fall from grace (kick a black man while he's down) or pari hilton or lindsy lhan or anna nicle smith or britny spears (i spelt both their names wrong on purpose because they aren't as important to me as they are to cnn's front page). other nations find this injustice worth covering, but here, at "home" (i use the term loosely because i cannot feel comfortable calling a place home when i don't feel wanted), it's status quo and non-important. how can you say that race is not an issue anymore when it could not be more obvious. it's right here in your face. why why why???

"he is whipped oftenest, who is whipped easiest" - Frederick Douglass
"an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (thx plez)

p.s. - "Day of Blogging for Justice" Thursday August 30 (press release)th

Bloggers for Justice

hurricane katrina: 2 years later

on the way into work this morning, there were so many media outlets discussing the disaster we experienced as a "nation" 2 years ago to the date. obviously, the anger and fury that boiled inside of me then was rekindled in its fullest form as i listened and re-lived the tragedy of the natural disaster. the images, interviews, tears, children crying, death...etc etc that cnn covered day and night will forever be burned into my brain. one word.......UNACCEPTABLE. and there has yet to be an official apology to my knowledge. there is no secret that the situation was fumbled SEVERAL times by many individuals. but, no one is man (or woman) enough to take the blame for it. it's easier to point fingers. the poor fema director who got railroaded and fired was supposed to satisfy the "people". but, it wasn't all his fault. if we are firing people who messed up, we need to line people up and hand out numbered tickets. president bush gets ticket number 1.

one comment stuck out though, and i cannot remember who said it. but the gentleman said that "if it were up to me, someone would go to prison. but it's not up to me"!!! there is no argument against these words........PERIOD!!! as a "first-world nation", there is no reason that the amount of death and suffering went on and continues 2 WHOLE YEARS LATER!!! but...................i guess it's nice to know where you stand huh?

Friday, August 24, 2007

i need more time

work has definitely picked up and only become more fruitful of an experience. the amount that i am learning on top of the guidance and ideas from the field's top researchers is priceless. there aren't enough adjectives nor superlatives to capture it all. the greates part about it is that i still have time to get even more accomplished. i could not be more excited. the workload has increased tremendously, and the to-do list keeps growing everyday. however, there is so much gold at the end of the rainbow that i do not mind at all. it will be more than worth it.

p.s. - what will the government try and control next?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

baseball history, congrats barry bonds

when you think about all of the sporting milestones that you so often see replayed video footage of, it is very satisfying to witness, first-hand, the milestones that generations after us will only be able to relive through video replays. i try and make it a point to commit to memory where i was when happened. those special events that i have had the chance to witness (on live television of course) include cal ripken breaking "the streak", mark mcgwire breaking the single season homerun record, and last night - barry bonds breaking hammerin' hank aaron's all-time homerun record......................and that's just baseball. one can only imagine how it must feel to be at the center of every young boy's dream stage, to have all eyes on you, to be walking in the footsteps of some of the greatest athletes that ever lived, to perform at the highest level day in and day out, and to shatter records thought once to be unbreakable.

congrats barry!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

been a while

i must apologize as i have seemed to fall off of the side of the earth for about a month now. i will not make any excuses, but things have been very busy, to say the least. my internship is going great. i LOVE the work that i am a part of and am learning a great deal to apply to my own work/degree. the team that i am working with is awesome, and everyone is more than willing to help and share insight. the days have been FULL of work and meetings. i have been pressed to get my own summer project up and running, but some minor bugs and hang-ups have prevented me from being where i imagined myself 1 month into the job. things are coming around though. i am not worried. there is just so much going on that i find it hard to step back and take time to really gather my thoughts to blog anything. i am hoping to be more relaxed once i can finalize the automation process for my experiments and begin analyzing data and committing ideas to paper. i will do my best to do a better job of capturing my thoughts here.

the one overwhelming thought that i have had since being back in the us is really realizing that I LOVE MY JOB and MY RESEARCH AREA!!! getting up at 6 am is not even a chore because of the eager feeling i have to tackle the worlds problems in my field.