Friday, October 26, 2007

the potential is there

my planning phase continues, but after today's conversations, i feel more confident that i am making the best use of my time and experiments will get underway soon. i must be honest though and say that i hope my foresight is complete, and i am not overlooking anything that could cause major hang-ups. after my experiments last year and my internship this past summer, i have more experience in setting up tests, and i feel much more confident that i know what to do and how to code it. with this confidence, i plan to make my life easier in that i know how to automate the experimental process. this should make things faster and much more efficient and error-free. this means less baby-sitting experiments and more multi-tasking to help make the progress that i need to this year.

p.s. - if this isn't katrina all over again, i don't know what is


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