Wednesday, October 24, 2007

trying to get my experiments underway

as eager as i am to begin new experiments, i must learn to be patient and plan properly to avoid repeating experiments due to incomplete testing scenarios. i am still in the planning stages now, and i feel like i am wasting time for some reason. as i type this, i am becoming more at ease with not just jumping in blindly, as i know, if i do things right the first time, it will save me a great deal of time in the end. and that is the main goal: do things right the first time!!! the last few days have been full of planning and thought as i prepare for the grunt of the work for my degree. i have set some pretty lofty, but attainable, goals for the next year and a half, and it all starts now. it's very motivating but still VERY intimidating at the same time. i am guessing the feeling of intimidation will subside once i begin to see results and me learning/doing/accomplishing things that i am unsure about at present. i hope everything works out. if not, you'll definitely know about it.


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