Friday, October 19, 2007

back at cambridge

after a very successful and worthwhile internship with ibm this summer, i finally made it back to cambridge yesterday. i was torn between wanting to stay (in new york at ibm) and wanting to come back to school (the sooner i get back, the faster i finish, and motivation was at an all-time high following my internship). it was a really weird feeling to say the least. i probably could have used one more day to relax at home with my parents, but, i know next time. i am still getting my body clock back adjusted to the uk timezone. i hope to hit the ground running come monday. i had not planned to come in to the office today, but i am extremely glad that i did. it appears that my testing machine's hard drive failed on me today, and i had to get a new one and re-install linux. i am so glad i could finish this today as opposed to dealing with it on monday. i was able to complete a slew of other small things to make everything as smooth as possible for picking up where i left off. now that my computers and test equipment are ready to roll, i need to sit down and put the pen to paper and come up with a plan of action to maximize my time. there's a lot on the horizon. i am really excited.

p.s. - i had a similar (but obviously not as severe) complaint with comcast last summer


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