Tuesday, May 08, 2007

in the middle of a slump

things have been less than perfect for quite some time now (2+ weeks), and i am finding it difficult to maintain any type of motivation and determination to keep working through it. just like in baseball, you are not looking for a streak of home runs to break the slump (granted, you wouldn't turn them down). a couple of singles will do you just fine. that's all i am asking for now.....................a base hit here and there. your confidence is tested during these periods, but one must remember to always believe and keep working. it sounds easy, although it can seem impossible from down here. the icing on my cake right now is that i have gotten nowhere near the amount of work that i wanted to have accomplished by now. i am REALLY behind in terms of reaching my vision by the end of june. i've got to find some way to catch up. however, it feels impossible when so many things are fighting against me right now. not to mention how difficult it can be sometimes to quell the frustration and keep focused.


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