Wednesday, May 02, 2007

when wanting to just isn't enough

i wanted to be productive today.........i did.......honestly. BUT......................things didn't quite work out for me as i had planned. i'm not sure if yesterday drained me or just took the wind out of my sails temporarily, but whatever it was, i could not find the focus to do anything other than procrastinate today. i got about an hour's worth of work done, and the rest was merely passing the time. i seem to have lost the determination and motivation to push forward full-speed until i leave at the end of next month. i must take this opportunity to refocus and remember what it's going to take to reach my goals for this year and those to come. things have to get turned around here, or i am in for a huge let down. on the bright side, i do have a bit more confidence in my own thoughts and ideas, and feel more of a sense of comfort in believing that i am maturing as a researcher. let's not get too carried away here because there is still a LONG way to go and LOADS of work before the end is anywhere near, let alone in reach. it's out there......................just go get it done.

"don't be afraid to be great"

p.s. - this sounds very sci-fi but would be really cool if it works

what does a "free country" mean again? where will all this end?


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